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Adult Programs

Conducted at Netherby and Denman Tennis Clubs, O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club and nearby venues
(Denman Tennis Club non competitive  Membership included when participating at Denman)

Group lessons: Cardio Tennis lessons incorporating technique, fun drills and match play. Many long lasting friendships have been made during these fun filled sessions

Semi private lessons: 60 minute or 90 minute lessons. Come along with a friend and enjoy a fun workout whilst addressing technique fitness and match play.

Private lessons: 30, 60 minute or 90 minute lessons. We tailor these lessons to fit in with your requirements. Whether that is technical, tactical, fitness, match play or all of those components of the game combined!

Fitbit CARDIO TENNISSick of the same routines at the gym? Come and burn calories, enjoy tennis, and get fit at the same time with Fitbit Cardio Tennis.

This program increases your heart rate with fast  moving drills. You don’t have to be a player to enjoy ‘heart pumping’ Fitbit Cardio tennis! There is less emphasis on technique but your game will still improve because you are hitting so many balls!

From $19 per session

You are provided with a Heart Monitor to track your workout

  • Mondays 7pm-7.45pm
  • Tuesdays 9.15am-10.15am
  • Tuesdays 7pm-7.45pm
  • Wednesdays 9.15am-10.15am extended session
  • Thursdays 7pm-7.45pm
  • Fridays 9.30am-10.30am

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