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ANZ Hot Shots


Sessions are conducted at Netherby Tennis Club,  Denman Tennis Club and O’Halloran Hill Tennis Clubs

(Denman Tennis Club Membership is included for those who participate in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots at Denman)

  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Blue Ball Classes are designed for 3-5 year olds. Many of the activities taught in this level are reception, movement and co-ordination skills necessary for tennis.
  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Red Ball Classes are designed for 5-8 year olds who have progressed from Blue Hot Shots and peeWee Tennis and whom are ready to rally.
  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ‘Orange ball’ classes are designed for 7-10 year olds.
  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots ‘Green ball’ classes are for 9-12 years old players.
  • Emphasis in all Hot Shots Classes is on co-ordination, agility and movement skills, technique, strategies, tactics and match/point play.
  • The Red, Orange and Green balls are used in these programs enabling the students to rally and play ‘real’ tennis immediately.
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention
  • The kids ‘buddy’ up and hit more balls than the coach!
  • When registered for these programs with the HRTS you can register with online for a free ANZ Tennis Hot Shots t-shirt and fabulous competitions such as ANZ Tennis Hot Shots player of the year
  • Visit:

The HRTS takes the SA Government SPORTS VOUCHERS for primary school aged kids. Google SPORTS VOUCHERS SA to download a form

In 2019 each SA primary school child is eligible for a $100 discount off the regular term fee for registering in a term of our tennis lessons and physical activity.

SA Gov’t Sports Vouchers for Primary School Students
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