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Junior Programs/Group Lesson

  • ANZ Hot Shots Blue Ball Classes are designed for 3-5 year olds. Many of the activities taught in this level are reception, movement and co-ordination skills necessary for tennis.
  • ANZ Hot Shots Red Ball Classes are designed for 5-8 year olds who have progressed from Blu Hot Shots and peeWee Tennis and whom are ready to rally.
  • ANZ Hot Shots ‘Orange ball’ classes are designed for 7-10 year olds.
  • ANZ Hot Shots ‘Green ball’ classes are for 9-12 years old players.
  • Emphasis in all Hot Shots Classes is on co-ordination, agility and movement skills, technique, strategies, tactics and match/point play.
  • The Red, Orange and Green balls are used in these programs enabling the students to rally and play ‘real’ tennis immediately.
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention
  • The kids ‘buddy’ up and hit more balls than the coach!
  • When registered for these programs with the HRTS you can register with online for a free ANZ Hot Shots t-shirt and fabulous competitions such as ANZ Hot Shots player of the year
  • Visit: www.hotshots.tennis.com.au


The HRTS takes the SA Government SPORTS VOUCHERS for primary school aged kids. Google: Sports Vouchers SA for a form

In 2019 each SA primary school child is eligible for a $100 discount off the regular term fee for registering for a full term of our tennis lessons and physical activity.

SA Gov’t Sports Vouchers for Primary School Students
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