Cardio Tennis – Where Fitness, Fun and Tennis Come Together

An Awesome Mix Of Cardio Workouts And Modified Tennis Drills

Are you getting your ’30’ and your 10,000 steps?
Fitbit Cardio Tennis is a tennis workout program catering for all fitness levels, which brings together a variety of cardio workouts and a range of fun tennis drills, all to a high-energy soundtrack. The program is focused on leading a healthy, fun and active lifestyle.

It ticks the boxes of getting your 30 minutes of daily exercise and at least half (or even three-quarters) of your recommended 10,000 steps per day, in just one session.

It’s high-energy, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s great for your fitness. The classes are brilliant because they are a non-stop workout. The students love knowing that the workout is going to burn a great deal of calories, do heaps of steps and help them to get fit. The sessions consist of a warm up, drills, games and a cool down. It is all designed to keep you working in your optimal Cardio zone. It’s a game changer.


Everybody! Our Cardio Tennis sessions are best suited to yellow ball players aged 12+ and adults of any age and ability.

Each session ranges between 45 – 75 minutes, depending on the session you book into.

Your first Cardio Tennis Session is FREE but must be booked online HERE. All following sessions are billed by the term however casual sessions can be arranged.
You can view our class prices for term enrolments and casual classes by clicking HERE.

The best thing about Cardio Tennis is you do not have to be experienced at tennis to get involved. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never played before.

Your coach is trained to mix up the activities to cater for all skill and fitness levels, so while it’s great for beginners, more experienced tennis players will also get a great workout.

  • A tennis racquet (if you don’t have one you are welcome to borrow one of our racquets)
  • Your favourite workout gear
  • Suitable tennis shoes
  • Water bottle and/or sports drink

We highly recommend you bring a Fitbit or SmartWatch to track your heart rate, steps and improving fitness level.

You can view the detailed HRTS Cardio Tennis form containing dates and times of all current lessons by clicking HERE.

How do I book a session?

Book your first lesson free by clicking here or for more information please call 0428988873 or email [email protected]