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Take Your Tennis to the Next Level

Adelaide Tennis Coaching

Private Tennis Lessons

Want to see rapid improvements in your game? Private tennis lessons offer the most effective way to boost your skills through personalised one-on-one sessions with our friendly nationally-accredited coaches.

We can tailor a training program to suit your schedule, your current playing abilities and the results you wish to achieve. Lessons can be arranged as a one off or you can book in weekly during the school term to develop your skills faster.

We offer private lessons for all ages and levels, including ANZ Hot Shots players.

Bookings are subject to availability.

How do I book a lesson?

To book a lesson or for more information, please call 0428988873 or email [email protected]. Please allow 24-48 hours for your lesson to be organised and to be booked in by a member of our Admin Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer lessons lasting 30, 45 or 60 minutes. When signing up you can let our Admin Team know what duration you would like to enrol for.

Our private lessons centre around the four elements of the modern tennis game: technical, tactical, physical and mental.
A greater emphasis is placed on correct technique and footwork patterns in our private lessons as well as strength and conditioning programs at the students request.

The overall benefit of our private lessons are the one on one experience with a highly trained and qualified coaches, with the focus on maximising our students’ learning.

To view our detailed Fee Structure please contact our Admin Team on 0428988873 or email [email protected].
Alternatively you can fill out our Contact Us from here