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Development Squads

Tennis Squads

Build elite-level tennis skills

We believe in providing players with every opportunity to reach their potential.

To do this, we offer a complete player development pathway, which guides players through to the highest competitive level. The foundation of our tennis squads program is our comprehensive player development philosophy, which builds the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills an athlete requires to compete at the elite level.

Our Tennis Squads

Training at an elite level allows ambitious tennis players to successfully realise their tennis dreams. We currently offer coaching and support to a range of up and coming junior tennis players who are playing club competition and competing in local and national tennis tournaments.

Our tennis squads are designed to be used in conjunction with our other coaching options to maximise our students’ potential.

Development Training Squads Feature:


Options for either a 60 minute or 90 minute class


Maximum of six players in a high performance squad class (per coach)


Training on a full court with yellow balls or green balls, suited to the group standard


Term runs in conjunction with South Australian School Term

How do I join?

Access to our development squad is available to Denman Tennis Club players by invitation only (but you can always enquire). If we don’t know you yet and/or you’d like to enquire further about the squads please call 0428988873 or email [email protected]