ANZ Hot Shots Tennis – The Right Ball at the Right Time

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Tennis Lessons for Kids

Red, Orange and Green Balls
What are they?

One of the most important factors of a junior tennis player enjoying their tennis experience is success and being in control of their learning.

The modified ANZ Hot Shots ball program allows for this  by allowing kids and junior tennis players to enjoy their tennis lessons and play with a ball that is designed to bounce into their hitting zone. This leads to an easier contact point, more control, more success and above all else more fun!

When developing tennis players at any age, one of the most important things is that contact is made within the strike zone (between the shoulder and waist) to develop and reinforce a strong technique.
The video below demonstrates just how important the modified Hot Shots program is for junior players.

The above video also indicates that even for a 10 year old the Yellow ball will bounce high above their head. This limits their ability to play with an appropriate technique (and makes focusing on the tactical side of tennis nearly impossible) as the player will have to either:

  • adjust their technique/grip to accommodate for the ball above their head
  • move back and play far behind the baseline and take the ball late, waiting for the ball to drop.

We at the Helen Rice Tennis School strongly recommend the use of the appropriately compressed ball to get the most optimal development of the tennis players and most importantly allow all of our younger students to enjoy their tennis experience!

For more information about the Helen Rice Tennis School ANZ Hot Shots program please click the button below.

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