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The Foundation began in 1974 (originally known as the Australian Women’s Tennis Association) to support women’s tennis. Since then, the Women’s Tennis Foundation Inc. has grown to reach a community of over 3,000.

The Foundation has developed the trust and support of tennis around the country with an extensive Australia wide tennis club and coach network and is committed to helping women in tennis, as players, coaches, officials, administrators and executives.

With their vision to be recognised as the pre-eminent body representing women in tennis, the foundation is passionate about supporting women to make the sport of tennis accessible for all Australians to enjoy.

In keeping with this commitment, they:

  • Nurture talent in Australian tennis through a scholarship program for female players who have the potential to represent Australia.
  • Support and promote the national Fed Cup team through the Foundation’s various social functions and events.
  • Provide opportunities for young players in rural and regional areas to realise their potential in tennis through the Judy Dalton Country Cup national teams event.
  • Celebrate the fantastic contribution that women have made to the sport, through social events such as the annual Breakfast with the Stars.

How do I join?

Click here to view a range of membership options.

By becoming a member of the Women’s Tennis Foundation Inc. you will be supporting the only organisation whose primary purpose is to support women in tennis at all levels.

Whether you are an elite player, enjoy a social hit, looking to get back into tennis, a first time player or just enjoy watching the game, joining the Women’s Tennis Foundation Inc. will connect you with our active tennis community.

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